Downtown Vision, Inc. is not the only organization in Jacksonville working to revitalize the urban core. From governmental bodies to business associations to professional organizations and more, our Downtown is lucky to have such strong partnerships working together to achieve greater vibrancy of our urban core.



(in alphabetical order)

220 Riverside
A retail, residential and park project to revitalize historic Brooklyn neighborhood and spur continued economic growth.

City of Jacksonville

CoWork Jax
Bringing energy to workers Downtown and provide them the resources to succeed. Website:

CoRK Arts District
Cork Arts District is more than 80,000 square feet of warehouse space centered around artist studios and galleries.

CRA Team
Developing the strategic business plan for redevelopment.

Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville
The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville champions the appreciation, relevance and expression of art and culture. It leads individuals and families, artists and organizations, businesses and government to unique collaborations that establish art and culture as a key driver of Jacksonville’s economy, growth and quality of life. Three primary initiatives: The Spark District, Advocacy Action Center and Art in Public Places. Website: Email:

Downtown Catalyst ClubDowntown Catalyst Club
This organization of professionals passionate about Downtown Jacksonville started meeting monthly in 2012 for a happy hour and networking get-together at Downtown restaurants and bars. Website: Contact: Traci Jenks at 904-633-2613 or

Downtown Council
An affiliation of the JAX Chamber, the Downtown Council consists of Downtown Jacksonville Chamber members and advocates. The group meets at the University Club the first and third Fridays of every month at 7:30 a.m. Website: Contact:

Downtown Investment Authority (DIA)
Approved by City Council fall 2012, this governmental body was created to revitalize Jacksonville’s urban core by using resources of the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) to spur economic development. Website: Contact: Aundra Wallace at

Downtown Marketing Collaborative
An association of Downtown partners, this group meets regularly to work toward collectively marketing Downtown with a uniform vision. Major members include the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, Downtown Vision, Inc., Jacksonville Civic Council, JEA, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, JAX Chamber, Visit Jacksonville and The Jacksonville Landing. Website:

Downtown Rotaract Jax
A young professionals group sponsored by the Rotary Club of Jacksonville, this club participates in service projects ranging from clean-ups to walks and runs to fundraiser socials and more. Downtown Rotaract Jax meets every second and fourth Wednesday, 6 p.m. at CoWork Jax. Website: Contact:

Friends of Hemming Park
Originally designated as a public square, the 1.5-acre parcel that now comprises Hemming Park is Jacksonville's first and oldest park. Founded in 2013, Friends of Hemming Park (FOHP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to help revitalize Hemming Park. It was selected by the City of Jacksonville to take over the management of Hemming Park. The organization is dedicated to programming Hemming Park year round to make it clean, safe and attractive as a gathering place and central location for family-friendly activities. Website: Twitter: @hemmingpark Facebook:

The Elbow
Launched April 2013, this Downtown nightlife initiative consists of close to 20 bars and nightlife venues centered on the corner of Bay and Ocean streets in partnership to cross-promote the area as Downtown's entertainment district. Website: Contact:

Jacksonville Civic Council
The council's mission is to create a clear vision for the City of Jacksonville along with concrete strategies and tactics for achieving this vision. Website: Contact:

Jacksonville Historical Society
The Jacksonville Historical Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving the history of Northeast Florida and educating citizens about culture, architecture and history of the area. It produces books, television programs, oral histories and numerous public presentations to achieve these goals. Website: Email:

Community-owned and driven initiative funded entirely by private donations. It is facilitated by JCCI - the Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. and belongs to everyone in the city. JAX2025 is about action and change. It's about becoming the city Jacksonville can be by creating a shared vision, finding solutions and making them real, and identifying leaders for our future. Website:

JAX Chamber
JAX Chamber has a Downtown Committee that acts as an advocate for Downtown stakeholders and promotes the copious victories of our vibrant Downtown. Website:

Jax Pack Downtown Merchants Association
Created in February 2013, this group consists of store owners, merchants and other community services working together to build a strong Downtown shopping experience and provide support to all merchants in the Downtown area. Website: Contact: 904-586-2088

Late Bloomers Club

Mayor's Office

Metro Jacksonville
The mission of Metro Jacksonville is to educate and provide an avenue for discussing the important issues facing cities and residents. It strives to be a reliable source of information and to increase public awareness about the urban core, promote continued urban and pedestrian oriented growth with a focus on the Jacksonville metropolitan area, and provide a platform for the study and implementation of public development policy around the United States. Website: Email:

NAIOP is the international trade association of developers, owners and professionals of commercial, industrial and mixed-use real estate. Members promote responsible, sustainable development that creates jobs. NAIOP supports diversity within the industry, provides education, and advocates for legislation that benefits the communities where we work and live. NAIOP has been a strong advocate of Downtown’s revitalization. Website: Email:

One Spark
Hosting its inaugural event in April 2013, the One Spark team works to plan and implement the One Spark crowdfunding festival, bringing hundreds of creators and thousands of visitors to Jacksonville's urban core. Website: Contact:

Transform Jax
Transform Jax is a non-partisan, charitable and educational organization created for the purposes of fostering dialogue between concerned citizens and elected and appointed officials and advocating for smart and attainable solutions to enhance the urban core and its surrounding neighborhoods. Website:

Unity Plaza
A life-enriching urban park uplifting and electrifying our community consciousness. Hopes to bring best-in-class ideas to the community. Website:

U.S. Green Building Council North Florida
The local chapter of the USGBC advocates for green, sustainability initiatives Downtown, including but not limited to workshops, fundraisers and events. Website: Contact:

Visit JacksonvilleVisit Jacksonville
Visit Jacksonville’s mission is to create and globally market, sell and promote an exceptional visitor experience resulting in greater community prosperity, pride and vitality. Visit Jacksonville is an important partner in promoting Downtown as a place to visit for those outside of the area. Website: Contact: 800-733-2668 or 904-798-9111

World Class Jax
This group of Downtown advocates and business professionals is working to help create and support the vision of the DIA; provide the energy and manpower to make visible, monthly progress on Downtown initiatives; and come up with creative ways to solve various Downtown issues.

ULI North Florida
The Urban Land Institute provides leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. ULI is an independent global nonprofit supported by members representing the entire spectrum of real estate development and land use disciplines. Website: Contact:


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