September 21, 2018 | Downtown Jacksonville | 11 AM - 3 PM

Parking Day

What is PARK(ing) Day? 

PARK(ing) Day is an annual open source global event where citizens, artists and activists collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into “PARK(ing)” spaces: temporary public places. These can be anything from a small park to mini putt-putt right outside your favorite coffee shop! Since 2005, PARK(ing) Day has evolved into a global movement, with organizations and creating new forms of temporary public space in urban contexts around the world. 

Downtown Vision, Inc has partnered with local businesses in the urban core to provide unique Park(ing) destinations in the heart of our city.

2018 Participating Businesses 

Anytime Fitness


Daniel James Salon

Downtown Vision, Inc

Hollywood Cuts

Superfood and Brew

The Brick

Visit Jacksonville

Wolf & Cub

How do I attend? 

Simply visit Downtown Jacksonville and roam Laura St. and Adam St. to visit the awesome pop-up spaces created by local businesses and organizations.

Where will I actually park?

Great question! Downtown Jacksonville is home to more than 43,000 public parking spaces, which include garage parking, metered street parking and peripheral parking. While you may not always be able park directly in front of your destination, you should almost always be able to find parking within a short walk.

Check out this parking database for more information on where to park in #DTJax.

How do I participate in PARK(ing) Day?

To participate in PARK(ing) Day 2018, please complete the Vendor Form PDF and send to or mail/drop it off at our office: 

214 N. Hogan St. 

Suite 120

Jacksonville, FL 32202

Here are some helpful tips for preparing for Parking Day! You can also download the manual: Parking Day Manual and Application

Step 1: Choosing the Spot 

Find a metered parking spot in a location where people will find and interact with it (typically in front of your business). Parklets must be facing the sidewalk. Consider what public services or amenities are lacking in the area around your site. Please send DVI your parking meter number. Other things to consider about your location are: 

1. Target Audience: Who are the people you are trying to serve? When will they be around to see and use the space? Note: Parklets must be open to the public. 

2. Environmental conditions: Sun, shade, wind, weather, traffic and construction will all impact your site installation. 

3. Type of metered space: Is it near a loading zone, bus stop or in front of a fire hydrant? 

Step 2: Building Materials 

The fundamental elements of a good outdoor public space are seating, shade, a place to watch people and view scenery, and a sense of relaxation. 

1. Groundcover: We suggest you try something creative and symbolic—a groundcover that will transform the hard concrete or asphalt into a more comfortable and visually impressive space. Bits of nature other than living sod that may work are potted plants, or anything that feels good to bare feet. Other PARK(ing) Day participants have used quilts, gravel, carpets and astroturf. 

2. Seating: The more seating you provide, the greater the chance of unplanned interaction among PARK(ing) Day visitors. We recommend using cafe tables and chairs, picnic tables and benches, lawn chairs, etc. Don’t forget about bike racks! 

3. Shade: Planters, potted plants and umbrellas provide really great shade for your guests. Try to make your parklet enjoyable and cool for people to hangout in. 

4. Enclosure: SAFETY FIRST! Plastic bollards (a.k.a. traffic tubes) linked with rope, potted plants, or any self-supporting boundary is important to provide a sense of enclosure and safety for visitors to your parklet. 

5. Signage: You should have a sign that welcomes everyone to enjoy your parklet! DVI will also provide signage to help with advertising the event. 

Step 3: Planning the Event 

Things to consider organizing in advance: 

1. Sourcing essential materials to provide shade, groundcover and seating at least a week or two in advance, and live plants a few days in advance. 

2. Transportation for the materials to and from the site. 

3. Assembling friends or collaborators to help you setup and cleanup at the end of the day. 

4. A plan for talking to people who come by your parklet. Who might want to talk to you? • Curious bystanders • Potential participants for the next PARK(ing) Day • People wondering why you’re taking up a perfectly serviceable parking spot 

5. Recycle Materials: Find a place to donate any unwanted or extra materials when the project is over or store it for next year’s PARK(ing) Day! Living plants, turf or groundcover can be permanently planted in yards—or better yet donated to schools or neighbors who need them. Re-use first and recycle if you can’t re-use. A well-planned parklet will never end up in landfill! 

6. Leave no trace! Be mindful of the space around you and be sure to clean up everything in your space by the end of the night. 

7. Advertising your parklet. Think about how you will reach your audience to participate in (PARK)ing Day and to enjoy the space that you have created. DVI will provide online and print promotional materials for PARK(ing) Day, as well. 

  • FINAL Downtown Investment Authority Business Investment and Development Strategy |  Download PDF
  • Downtown Investment Authority Feasibility Study Presentation | Download PDF
  • Downtown Retail Enhancement Plan and Application | Download PDF

  • PARK(ing) Day Participants

    Thank you to our past participating businesses!

    Anytime Fitness | Candy Apple Cafe | Da Real Ting Cafe | Riverside Avondale Presrvation | San Marco Preservation Society | Southlight Gallery | Visit Jacksonville


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